Viktoria Tolstoy / Jacob Karlzon



There are many beautiful voices, in jazz today more than ever. But Viktoria Tolstoy is unique: she is the great melodramatist of jazz and Pat Metheny said to her after a performance: "When you sing, the sun rises. A bipolar musician who, like no other, can make happiness sound fragile and threatened, but bitter things sound magical and beautiful. She has also conceptually framed and steadily perfected this art. 

Tolstoy & Karlzon are an intimate duo, entirely focused on their long-standing musical partnership. 

Karlzon's playing thrives on the in-between tones, the transitions, the ambiguous - whether he is inspired by classics like Grieg or hard rockers like KoRn. He has been Tolstoy's accompanist for more than 20 years, and he will probably remain so, even if, like Esbjörn Svensson, he has long since been on the road to success under his own name, see his highly acclaimed trio recordings on Warner Jazz. 

After various international tours of both artists in their own, larger line-ups, they present their songs as a duo - intimate, intense and full of magic.


 "On A Moment Of Now she creatively reinvents everything she touches"... "
Karlzon's varicoloured backdrops couldn't be more apposite."
- Jazzwise